The uniqueness of the Jinrikisha Rickshaw
The uniqueness of the Jinrikisha Rickshaw

The uniqueness of the Jinrikisha Rickshaw

The uniqueness of the Jinrikisha Rickshaw

The uniqueness of the Jinrikisha rickshaw, of course, you can start by looking at its shape. Pedicabs are now only used as a means of transportation that takes tourists to Japan. The means of transportation still survive today. Even though many vehicles have appeared in Japan, jinrikisha rickshaws are still in use.

Only in a few tourist spots can you enjoy a rickshaw from jinriksha. The power that is used to attract passengers by using human power. The Jinrikisha rickshaw is different from other rickshaws. If an ordinary rickshaw will use human power but use the movement of pedaling bicycle pedals.

Young puller

Whereas in jinrikisha it carries passengers by being pulled by humans. Do you know that most rickshaw drivers in Japan are young? Of course, those of you who are curious don’t want to see rickshaws in Japan and feel the atmosphere of being pulled by Japanese men on rickshaws. Koflash

The uniqueness of rickshaws in Japan is:

Many think that pulling a rickshaw is easy and not difficult. But did you know that it turns out that Jinrikisha weighs almost forty kilograms? The weight has not been added to carrying passengers. Of course, it is very hard to imagine carrying passengers while running.


has a very heavy weight//jinrikisha

If you want to do healthy exercise, you can try bringing a jinrikisha rickshaw in Japan. Not brought by walking but carrying passengers by running. The weight of the passengers and rickshaws together gives impetus to enlarge the muscles of the arms and stomach. This is why pedicab drivers are still young.


If you talk about the price of rickshaws, of course, they are not cheap. Pedicabs which are a means of transportation in tourist areas will experience high prices. For each price, they set it based on the destination and the number of passengers carried.

Beautiful driver

In Japan, it was once reported that a beautiful woman became a rickshaw driver. Of course, you feel weird right? Jinrikisha’s rickshaws are very heavy. With such weight, of course, only men can carry it. Due to her stubbornness and persistence, this woman once succeeded in becoming a rickshaw driver in Japan.


It turns out that to be able to pull a rickshaw in Japan, you can start by taking part in the practice of bringing a jinrikisha rickshaw. To bring a rickshaw, you have to know the technique. You can’t just pull it. Having a lot of insight and knowledge becomes one of the rickshaw pullers.