Aircraft fuel
Aircraft fuel

Aircraft fuel

Aircraft fuel

Aircraft fuel is not just one type. It turns out that there are many kinds. At first glance, they look the same but they are very different. Materials will adjust the aircraft model and the weight of the aircraft engine. No wonder the team from the airplane has its own gas station.

Surely you are curious, right? Surely the chemistry kids are curious about airplane fuel, right? Material that can make planes fly into the sky. There are several types that you can find, namely:


mixed plant and animal manure into aircraft fuel. With this fuel, aircraft can continue to fly without stopping. Biofuel itself turns out to have many types namely Koflash


The fuel turns out to also be able to generate electricity. Vehicles can also use biogas fuel. To be able to get biogas, of course, you can use organic materials such as food scraps, animal manure, and many more.


If you want to do compression ignition, of course, you need biodiesel. One of the materials turned out to have very good new energy. The materials needed in the manufacture can be a vegetable oil, animal fat, and many more. In addition, biodiesel is still the original fuel that has not been mixed with petroleum.

Pay attention to the shape of the plane//charging


Environmentally friendly fuel that can make all the air unpolluted due to exhaust from airplanes. For its manufacture, it can be said that it takes a long time to get bioethanol. The materials needed are not difficult, such as corn, potatoes, wheat, and many more.

Many people do not know that bioethanol fuel is very good and does not damage the environment. Fuel is deliberately made to replace resources when there is not enough oil on the earth. Being a new fuel that is packaged very well.