Dynamo bike
Dynamo bike

Dynamo bike

Dynamo bike

The dynamo bike is an old-school bike that was once popular and loved by many people. Previously, the dynamo was invented by Michel Faraday. Because the discovery made the inventors try to do some experiments that succeeded in presenting a dynamo bicycle. The function of the dynamo bicycle is very helpful for many people.

On the way maybe by bicycle we can go through it, but what about at night whether a bicycle can be useful. Then the answer bicycle can also be useful at night. Dynamo bikes have lights that can be used to highlight the road. The system works easily because when we pedal a bicycle, it will provide frictional force in the tires to the dynamo so that magnetic electric energy occurs to make the lights turn on.

Dynamo shape

Koflash – The way the dynamo works can be said to be easy and easy. Prepare some coils of electric current on the top and bottom with a place like a bottle. Maybe time can change everything and technology also develops over time. Dynamo bikes are no less great and cool than other bikes.

The dynamo bicycle system is not too complicated, so there are still some people who still use dynamo bicycles. There is also a dynamo bicycle association club that also participates in cultivating this old-school bicycle. Still curious about the shape of a dynamo bike, maybe dynamo bike lovers can explain some of the components in the bike, namely:
An iron core that presents a magnet. The two poles are opposite but are able to increase the lighting of the lamp.
iron core
Is an iron core that helps facilitate the process of dynamo bikes.
Rotating ridged knob
Located next to a bicycle that has a function like a magnet.
copper coil
A coil is inserted in the tube to form a magnetic electric current into a lamp.

Strengths and weaknesses

A dynamo bike that emits light will help us all on a night journey. There are several factors that can make the dynamo work better. Here are some dynamo working factors such as:
Speed ​​in play
Lots of magnets available
The number of wires that can cut flux and much more.
From the factors, we can conclude that a dynamo bicycle will create light energy that is present in the movement of the magnet to meet the coil of thread and the rotating core of the iron so that energy is formed. The faster you pedal, the brighter the lights will be.

light the way//beneficial
Dynamo bikes also have some drawbacks that must be considered, namely:

Located next to the ban
Drain the pedal’s energy
Damaged easily
Cannot be in a flooded area.

Cool bike

The many advantages that can help increase the use of a dynamo bicycle. Of course, the lack of a dynamo bike is the reason some people change direction. The way a bicycle dynamo works is when the bicycle tire moves and makes friction on the dynamo.

Maybe many think that the dynamo bike is like an old boring model. But that turned out to be a misunderstanding. Dynamo bike now appears with a cooler model. Only the dynamo model looks ordinary but the types of bicycles used are very diverse. So dynamo bikes are not old-school bikes anymore. A really cool bike change with a better way of working.