Electric motor
Electric motor

Electric motor

Electric motor

Electric motor bikes are the latest trend for engine enthusiasts or motorbike kids. Motorized children, of course, are very curious about electric motors. Vehicles that use electricity can be said to be a breakthrough for the engineering industry. As we know electric motors and motors that we usually use have almost the same way of use and use, the difference is from the engine system.

Electric motors use electricity every time the engine works and ordinary motors use battery power and gasoline. Developments that are so advanced make many industries are also growing rapidly presenting a variety of new products. They always present many types of motorbikes to the community.

Electric motors are coming

Koflash – Each motorbike has its own advantages. Likewise, electric motors have many advantages and disadvantages. The presence of the electric motor in 1834 gave a deep impression on the automotive industry. Presence for the first time makes many people think twice about using it.

after a long time, the motor develops and technology continues to advance. Seeing the price of fuel that continues to rise, of course, many people are a little disappointed with the price. Of course, the motor doesn’t just disappear right away. Motorcycle makers are trying to find alternatives that can make people interested in using motorbikes again.

emergence of electric motor//latest

Starting to like

Very diamond ideas, and can also help keep the environment friendly and welcoming. Hearing this idea, the people from the community were curious and wanted to try what else if not an electric motor. People used to think that electric motors were outdated. But for now, electric motors are becoming a trend.

In the past, electricity might be a bit difficult to use. Now electricity can provide many benefits and can help many jobs. With a strong voltage, even an electric motor can accept this voltage. The very unique and sophisticated form of the motorbike makes many people queue to buy it.

Electric motors have many advantages and disadvantages that can be a guide for motorcyclists such as:


A very unique and elegant model
Strong battery usage up to 100km
Can monitor using an android phone
Swing arm suspension with added mono shock
Excellent motor control
Environmentally friendly
Good and agile motor speed and much more


Can’t go far away
When the flood can not be used
Limited motor load
Electric motorbike service is rare
Always standby motor power and much more
From this information, we can know that electric motors cannot be used remotely. Only the closest distance. Users can think twice about buying an electric motor. Even though they have limitations, electric motors are still popular.

Also using STNK

The shape of the motor looks very macho and elegant making many people want to have it. Even though the vehicle is an electric motor, it does not mean that there are no letters. Electric motors are the same as other motors that have a license or STNK. With this letter, motorists can safely use motorbikes.

There are 2 types of electric motors, namely:
DC unidirectional electric motor
Convert direct electric current to mechanical energy
Alternating [type of ac motor]
Can change the electric current in both directions
From these two types, people can choose the model they want.