How do you know you've reached your destination
How do you know you've reached your destination

How do you know you’ve reached your destination?

How do you know you’ve reached your destination?

Just like we bring a car or motorbike, we need to navigate or guide directions to find out the position and direction of our destination. If there is no navigation tool, it will be difficult for us to determine the direction to go home and go. It’s the same with airplanes. who also use sophisticated tools to know the location and direction of the destination during the flight. How do you know you’ve reached your destination?

With this tool, not only on land bases. But also in the air, you can tell your location and wind direction. Almost all pilots can use and read navigation. So that when flying an airplane the pilot can know the location and position where the plane will fly and land perfectly.

Navigation tool

In an airplane, there are two navigation tools that apparently have different ways and rules for using them. These tools are IFR and VFR. The plane makes it easy to go through the flight path and pass through the cloud weather while flying above the sky. For a reliable pilot, of course, you already know how these two tools work. Koflash

IFR is a system that can run its own machine. If you want to fly it manually, you can use the VFR system. Pilots who have good visibility can use the VFR work system. Not all countries allow pilots to fly the VFR system. Only certain countries give permission to use VFR.

VFR technique

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Besides being able to determine directions, it turns out that navigation tools can also be used to determine the position of aircraft, waypoints, airport locations, and much more. Check the weather around which the aircraft will pass. The VFR tool also has two techniques that can be used during flight, namely dead reckoning, and pilotage.

Of the two techniques, one is used as a tool to determine the position of the aircraft and the distance to be calculated by the aircraft. Surely many of you are wondering what the connection is between these two techniques. If you ask the connection actually exists and this is very important for the continuity of the aircraft.

With a calculation system, you can find out the direction and speed that you will use when driving an airplane. In addition, there are also those who check the fuel calculation system along with the arrival time of an airplane. Of course, you can’t use it alone – yourself. Must be done simultaneously. There are also pilots who sometimes ask for assistance from ATC.