How not to be surprised to strike
How not to be surprised to strike

How not to be surprised to strike

How not to be surprised to strike

When you’re having fun walking and enjoying the atmosphere, it turns out that the car stops and doesn’t run. Even if you force it to move, it actually emits smoke in front of the lip of the car. Of course, for new people who are familiar with cars, they will panic and scream hysterically. Actually, you don’t need to worry and panic. Use some calm tactics or techniques during a new problem. A way that will make you calm and positive.

certainly annoyed and disappointed when he found out that the vehicle in use could not move or break down. The trip was disturbed and made all my thoughts and energy drain a lot. No need to worry, just apply some of the right steps when facing a broken car, such as:


The car suddenly broke down, so don’t panic. Stay calm and find a way to get over the stalled car. Koflash


Experiencing a strike in the middle of the road certainly makes everyone stuck in traffic. So for those of you who can push it, immediately pull over the car. Push the car all the way to the curb. So that road users do not experience severe traffic jams.

Hazard lights

calm//flutters because it doesn’t move

When you feel that your car is not in order, then turn on the hazard lights. By using hazard lights, car users can stop and help other car users. hazard lights as a marker are not good on the car.

Down all

When it strikes, immediately order the passengers to get off. Looking for fresh air and avoiding strike air. What if you have a breakdown in the middle of the road, of course, you can have an unexpected accident.

Give sign
Feeling that it’s late and you can’t get a helper will definitely make you disappointed. Make your mark by looking for a pop of color with a triangular pattern. Signs that make some stop and help you guys.

The car is damaged, so you have to stop for a moment and pull over. If you understand car engines, of course, you can find out which part is damaged. But if you don’t understand cars, you can contact a local repair shop or ask passers-by for help. Usually, there are several vehicles that often patrol each road. Or you can call the emergency number so that it can be processed immediately.