How to Take Care of Motor Matic
How to Take Care of Motor Matic

How to Take Care of Motor Matic

How to Take Care of Motor Matic

Automatic motorbikes are motorbikes that are now often used by many people. People who use automatic motorbikes certainly have their own needs. Whether it’s because of the user’s sufficient height, or another reason, with only 1 turn of the gas, the motorbike can be used.

Of course, using an automatic motorbike still has special care and how to treat differently from other motorbikes. But overall, caring for an automatic motorbike is almost the same as caring for a toothed motorbike. If you look at how to use an automatic motorbike, it is certainly easier than an injection motorbike. If you use a motorcycle which one?

Here’s how to care for an automatic motorbike

Warm up the motor – koflash

An automatic motorbike or any motorbike, of course, has to heat up the motorbike every day whether you want to use it or not. Make sure when you are going to heat up your motorbike, raise the middle handle of the motorbike first so that it is easier to move. Then use the kick starter method to get used to the heat of the motorbike for 5 or 10 minutes.

Periodic servicing

Make sure you periodically check the engine, oil, or about your motorbike once every 3 months or check the motorbike according to the kilometers used. For oil changes, there will usually be a guidebook about how many kilometers to do when you need to change the oil. Apart from regular oil changes, you need to check the motor service.

perform monthly maintenance//service
How to use the motorbike

Never use the fast throttle or stop suddenly as this will damage the engine and damage the van belt. Apart from setting the speed, you also need to pay attention to the use of gasoline. Use good gasoline so that the motorbike is more pleasant to use. In addition to using good gasoline, make sure you don’t run out of gas, when refueling, make sure to use the same type so as not to damage the engine.

Battery Care

Battery maintenance on an automatic motorbike is certainly not difficult to do. The reason is, you are the one who will do the maintenance of the battery properly. The way to do this is to heat the motor instead of an electric starter.