Lack of automatic motorbikes
Lack of automatic motorbikes

Lack of automatic motorbikes

Lack of automatic motorbikes

The lack of automatic motorbikes is one of the calculations for those of you who want to buy them. Wherever you are, of course, you need a means of transportation. A vehicle that can take you to your destination quickly and safely.

Almost everyone has two-wheeled vehicles. Both automatic and geared vehicles. Of these types of vehicles that can take you safely, it’s very good. The unique shape of every model they present is able to make many people want to buy it.


Koflash – But did you know that automatic motorbikes and geared motorbikes also have advantages and disadvantages? To buy a motorbike, of course, you have to first look at the advantages and disadvantages of each vehicle. If you see the advantages, of course, many people will immediately buy without having to think long.

Seeing all the advantages and disadvantages can be one comparison that can make you decide. There are lots of disadvantages that you can compare automatic motorbikes with geared motorbikes. You can observe some of the shortcomings of Matic.

Weaknesses in automatic motorbikes

spend a lot of money//popular

More fuel is used so it becomes wasteful. Automatic motorbikes when driving at high speeds do not require raising gears. Only by accelerating can bring you your maximum speed. Because it is not limited, it makes the use of automatic motorbikes more wasteful.
The wheels on automatic motorbikes have a short diameter. Motor Matic is famous for its small and simple form. Because of their small shape, the wheels they prepared were not as big as geared motors. The short shape of the wheels makes traveling sometimes less enjoyable.
There is only one shock breaker on an automatic motorbike. So when you can’t carry heavy things.
Spending a lot of money is something you have to prepare for. Every month, of course, the motorbike has to do some extra maintenance. For automatic motorbike maintenance, you can’t do it half-half. Must be total in carrying out maintenance so that users can be comfortable and satisfied.

although it has many drawbacks. Automatic motorbikes are still the most popular vehicles and many people use them.