Motor Matic Service Time
Motor Matic Service Time

Motor Matic Service Time

Motor Matic Service Time

This is the first time you have had an automatic motorbike and you are confused about doing maintenance? Confused about when and what should be the right way to service an automatic motorbike? Those of you who have just owned an automatic motorbike need to pay attention to how much and what are the requirements for servicing your automatic motorbike.

The following are the conditions for carrying out maintenance on an automatic motorbike

  • MAXIMUM LIGHT SERVICE (3,000 km/3 months)
  • CHANGE ENGINE OIL maximum (2,000 km/1 month)
  • CHANGE GARDEN OIL maximum (5,000 km/3 months)
  • REPLACE RADIATOR WATER maximum (8,000 km/5 months)
  • SERVICE INJECTOR maximum (5,000 km/3 months)
  • Maximum CVT SERVICE (5,000 km/ 3 months)
  • REPLACE THE PLUG maximum (8,000 km/5 months)
  • CHANGE AIR FILTER maximum (10,000 km/5 months)
  • CHANGE VBELT maximum (25,000 km/12 months)
  • OIL FILTER maximum (10,000 km/5 months)


For those of you who often use motorbikes for activities, of course, you have to pay attention to how many meters you need to do maintenance. Each treatment requires replacement to make it better. Koflash

So that your maintenance is maximized, make sure you bring your motorbike to a dealer who is clearly an expert. Or people who really understand motorbike service. Not all motorbike repair shops can understand the damage to your motorbike. This is what often makes many service people carelessly without checking in detail or asking motorbike users.

choose an expert motor service//check vehicle condition

An automatic motorbike has a different electrical system from a duck motorbike, so don’t choose the wrong place to do motor maintenance. Not all motorcycle repair shops have complete tools when it comes to checking the electric motor, Matic.