Motor rickshaw
Motor rickshaw

Motor rickshaw

Motor rickshaw

Motorized rickshaws are a type of transportation that is different from the others. Of course, those of you who have seen it before, will not be surprised when you see this vehicle. but different from some people who have never seen it, they definitely feel it is great and amazing.

If you like to travel out of town or abroad, you must have seen motorized rickshaws. Means of transportation that do not use human power but use engine power. The driver also no longer needs to work his rickshaw with a lot of energy. just by sitting pretty running the motorbike engine can already produce passengers.

Means of transportation

Many think that this motor rickshaw is a new means of transportation that has been developed. But did you know that this motorbike rickshaw existed in the thousand nine hundred and sixty? The first vehicle in the field area. In general, rickshaws carry passengers from the front. But by using a motorized trishaw, the passenger sits to the left of the driver. Koflash

If you distinguish a motorized tricycle from an ordinary tricycle, of course, the results are very far away. Motor rickshaws use motor and gasoline engine power. As for the regular rickshaws, they use human power to pedal their bicycles. If you compare the speed, of course, motorized trishaws are faster than ordinary pedicabs.

Can carry many passengers

Even though the shape of the motorized rickshaw is a little to the side, it doesn’t make him nervous. Motor rickshaws can take people on any road. Even in a fairly narrow alley, they will deliver. The number of passengers that can be carried by a motorized trishaw can reach 4 to 5 people. It depends on the size of the passenger.

can accommodate many passengers//carrying passengers

In addition, motorized trishaws also provide cloth covers for the pedicabs. This is so that the passengers do not feel hot and can take shelter. When it rains, you don’t need to worry about motorbikes or tricycles. The passengers will not feel wet because there is a shield made for the rickshaws. Meanwhile, the driver will use a raincoat.

Compete with online vehicles

If you are playing and vacationing in Medan, you can try using a motorized rickshaw. This vehicle has been around for a long time and is still operating today. Not only carry passengers, but motorized tricycles can also carry goods. Of course, it becomes more efficient and practical. Vehicles that are also not inferior to online application vehicles.
Even though there are many online vehicles that continue to exist and make it easier for users. Motor rickshaws survive and you can still enjoy them.