0% new vehicle tax and down payment
0% new vehicle tax and down payment

New vehicle tax and DP 0%

New vehicle tax and DP 0%

Taxes and DP for new vehicles are 0% hmm how do people respond? Finally, there was news that said the Indonesian government and banks had implemented a relaxation policy. A policy prepared to boost the Indonesian economy. Of course, those who heard of this policy were wondering.

In the form of reducing taxes and the value of luxury goods to 0%, of course, who will refuse? Even the Indonesian bank also took part in relaxing motorized vehicles. Free up down payments for vehicle Dp to 0%. Of course, the issuance of this policy has a reason. An excuse used to help the Indonesian economy.

Waiting for a decision

Koflash – Since the arrival of the pandemic in Indonesia, there have been a lot of unstoppable expenses. Indonesia’s economy has also declined since the pandemic. A decision that is enough to make a lot of people surprised. The actual proposal has been awaited by many people for a long time.

Exactly in 2021 this proposal has been approved by the government. The idea will be implemented but not carried out directly. Start gradually so that everything can run smoothly. Relax throughout 2021 to see all the developments.

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Automobiles help the economy

Only certain vehicles get DP and 0% tax. Of course, many are curious about what kind of vehicle is tax-free and DP. vehicles weighing less than fifteen hundred cc and cars in the category of sedans and cars measuring four times two. Of course, these policies have an impact on state revenues.

A policy that succeeded in helping boost the Indonesian economy. Of course, no one would have thought that the automotive sector was very influential on the Indonesian economy. Although there will be some impacts that are likely to occur. Everything can be above well.

A policy that can help the Indonesian economy. Increase the production of vehicles and cars to generate positive value.