Becak is a vehicle that does not use an engine. Before the existence of motorbikes and pedicabs, they were already present in the community. A means of transportation that does not use gasoline was once a popular vehicle. Environmentally friendly and pollution free.

Although there have been many types of vehicles that appear with new models. Becak but a vehicle that still survives. No matter how far the path, the rickshaw will still make its way. But now you can only find pedicabs around the market and also in some big cities.

Characteristic features

Koflash – Some people think that pedicabs are slow and take a long time to arrive. Even though it is slow and takes a long time to arrive, it still carries passengers safely and safely to their destination. Believe it or not, rickshaws also give a different sensation from other vehicles. Can see the atmosphere of the city and can see the sights that are in front of your eyes.

The characteristics of a rickshaw have three wheels with a seat that provides shade and the rickshaw carrier is behind the passenger. Those of you who ride a three-wheeled vehicle can relax while looking at the scenery. Just sitting pretty looking at the road around without having to spend energy.

3 wheeled vehicle//engineless vehicle

Keep driving customers

The rickshaw will take you to your destination. Even in rainy conditions, tricycles sometimes want to take people. They prepared plastic to cover the shade of the seats and pack the pedicabs using plastic raincoats ready to brave the rain. You can enjoy the cold atmosphere and the sound of rain at the same time.

Pedicabs are also made in small versions by some pedicab entrepreneurs. This is done for the child passengers. The little rickshaw looks cute and funny. No wonder rickshaws are also liked by children. The price of the rickshaw fare is not expensive. For those of you who take a pedicab, you have to be very good at bargaining the price.

Because not all rickshaws give cheap prices. They could have put a high price on their profits too. Of course, for those of you who have seen a rickshaw, really want to ride it, right? This means of transportation that can be ridden by one or two people is very exciting.