Rules for riding a bicycle in Japan
Rules for riding a bicycle in Japan

Rules for riding a bicycle in Japan

Rules for riding a bicycle in Japan

The rules for riding bicycles in Japan are very strict. A bicycle is a means of transportation that is not expensive but has many rules. Of course, those of you who are on vacation in Japan must respect these rules. If not you will get a fairly high fine. Of course, you are very curious about the rules that Japan has set for bicycles.

Here are some that you must comply with:

Bike Lane

In the area of Japan, there are several places that provide special bicycle tracks. A track where you can see pictures of bicycles on the cross. If you don’t find the track then use the bicycle on the left. Sidewalks may not be used for bicycles. Koflash

Even though you are not allowed to be on the sidewalk, there are still some things that are excluded, such as – the prohibition of using bicycles on the main road, children who are teenagers, and the elderly can use bicycles. And if the road that is passed is damaged. of course, the trocar is very useful for cyclists around the world.

To the left

There are no pictures of bicycle tracks, so you have to take the left road to be safe and avoid accidents.


If the sidewalks are used for cyclists, residents who walk can only surrender and do nothing. However, pedestrians still have the right to walk casually on the sidewalk. Rules for riding a bicycle in Japan

there is a path for bicycles//can’t ride

In Japan riding a bicycle is very permissible. It’s just that there are rules that say that riding a pillion is not allowed. If you bring your own bike, of course, it’s not a problem. If caught piggybacking get a fine of two million. Not allowed to ride a ride on someone who is the same age or older. But you can bring children. You can ride with children who are six years old or six years under. To hitchhike children, of course, you have to prepare a pillion chair for the child.

There is a written rule that eating while riding a bicycle will result in a fine. Another rule is not to cross traffic lights. Must follow the rules of the lights according to the procedure.
Do not be next to each other when using a bicycle.
Ride a bicycle to be safe, that is, do not be next to people who also use bicycles. Other than that don’t talk on the street. Talking on the road can make the concentration in carrying a bicycle break up.

Using a helmet

In order to be safe and not injured, residents who ride bicycles must wear helmets. A tool that can protect you from accidental hard impacts and many more rules.