Sightseeing by rickshaw tour
Sightseeing by rickshaw tour

Sightseeing by a rickshaw tour

Sightseeing by a rickshaw tour

Traveling with a pedicab tour will certainly provide a lot of unexpected excitement. It turns out that not only Indonesia has a pedicab as a means of transportation. There are several countries that also have rickshaws and are the coolest means of transportation in the world. As you know rickshaws will take passengers wherever they want.

Both on the big road and even on the small road, they will deliver. But did you know that in other countries, rickshaws are not just taking people but can also guide tourists? The rickshaw is a means of transportation that is starting to disappear. Even though they are unique and rare, pedicabs are still inferior to other means of transportation.

See the city by rickshaw

So that the attractiveness of the rickshaw does not disappear, every country has made several ways so that the rickshaw can re-exist in the world and be known by many people. One way is to organize tours with tourists. Not just any rickshaw that is used to take tourists. But only registered rickshaws are allowed to tour with tourists.

Koflash – Not only takes you around to see the city but also being able to help take pictures in every area you visit. Of course, it will feel different to ride a pedicab while on vacation by vehicle. Riding a vehicle is fast, but it makes you unable to enjoy the scenery.

Countries that make rickshaw tours

Unlike the rickshaws that carry passengers in a relaxed manner while enjoying the scenery on the right and left. How comfortable a vacation can see the sights with ease. Of course, you really don’t want to take a vacation around town by trishaw. To be able to enjoy a pedicab tour, you can come to several countries where pedicab tours are available, such as:

Indonesia [jogyakarta] and others

enjoying the holiday//Beijing rickshaw

With this system, pedicab drivers can make a living. A job that can make pedicabs no longer idle.