The advantages and disadvantages of electric cars
The advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

The advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

The advantages and disadvantages of electric cars

You should know the advantages and disadvantages of electric cars before buying them. Now Indonesia has the arrival of an environmentally friendly vehicle. The shape of the vehicle is sweet and there is also no need to queue to buy gasoline. Electric cars are one of the most popular forms of transportation.

His presence became a lot of questions for the community. The automotive industry always provides innovations and new unique ones that are environmentally friendly. This began to exist with the existence of several laws that make electric car programs. They didn’t just make one unique one, but there were several units that managed to attract the attention of the public.

Strengths and weaknesses

Koflash – Cars are the most common form of transportation used by many people. Hearing about the latest version of the car makes many people eager to use and own it. Because it is still relatively new, this electric car is still not widely produced. But do not worry because electric cars will still be present in your midst.

Because of the presence of electric cars, there are several parties who want to find out the advantages and disadvantages. Maybe those of you who want to buy it can see some of the advantages and disadvantages such as:


There is instant torque

If you use another car, you may have to do a few turns in order to get instant torque. But in electric cars, we don’t have to wait long, we can immediately get instant torque the first time we use the car pedal.

high maintenance cost//charge up

Environmentally friendly

With a sophisticated and powerful system, electric cars use electric pressure power so that when the car is started it will not produce gas in the car exhaust. This is what makes electric cars very environmentally friendly.

Quiet cabin available

When you use a car, basically a sound will come out in the cabin of the car engine. This can happen because the engine still uses gasoline. Meanwhile, electric cars do not use gasoline so the energy released will not be noisy and comfortable when driving.

There is no even and odd rule

A car that is environmentally friendly and not noisy is a car that is free from odd and even numbers. So for those of you who want to go out, you don’t have to be afraid of odd and even fines anymore.

Cheaper maintenance

Electric cars have their own way of maintenance. In contrast to cars in general, we have to prepare lubricants to keep the engine always good and not damaged quickly. Although electric cars do not have problems with engine maintenance. Still have to change the cotton on the car brakes regularly.

Pay lower taxes

A policy from the government that provides cheap tax rates for electric car users. Of course, this is something that citizens look forward to paying lower taxes.

The price of the car is very expensive
There are not many car cash stops
Takes a long time to charge
Don’t let the battery in the car be damaged [electric car batteries are still expensive]