The advantages of a three-wheeled rickshaw
The advantages of a three-wheeled rickshaw

The advantages of a three-wheeled rickshaw

The advantages of a three-wheeled rickshaw

The advantages of a three-wheeled rickshaw are many. Becak means transportation using three wheels. Vehicles that use human power as a means of motion. Unlike the bajaj which has a motorcycle engine. No matter where you look, a rickshaw is a classic vehicle that may rarely be found.

Even though it is small and long, it turns out that pedicabs have some unexpected advantages. There are several advantages that you may already know for those who have used a rickshaw. But those who have never been certainly still curious right? An advantage that turned out to be able to make pedicabs is still in use today.

The advantages are:

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When the government makes regulations on traffic laws. Of course, there will be many types of vehicles that must comply with. But of all the rules that have been set, it turns out that there are means of transportation that are not subject to the rules. The rickshaw drivers who keep advancing never stop. When entering a one-way area, of course, you will stop and rotate. Unlike the rickshaws, which keep moving forward, they don’t question the unidirectional rules. The officers could only watch and couldn’t do anything when the rickshaws passed by.


You don’t need to be afraid of being ticketed when you ride a trishaw. Because the means of transportation do not use this machine, it is free from a ticket. Even the sense of traffic order cannot disturb the rickshaws

often free of fines and race//carry goods

Carry passengers and goods

Apart from carrying people, rickshaws can also carry goods. They can carry any item, even if the items are large. Lots of expeditions sometimes leave goods to pedicab drivers and deliver them.

Sim free

If you use a four-wheeled vehicle and two or more, you must show a driver’s license. If you violate the sim, the officer will take it and you will redeem it when the trial is determined. Unlike the rickshaws, which are free to go anywhere, everything is safe. No need for a rickshaw driver’s license or registration.

Can beat sophisticated vehicles

Have you ever heard of big vehicles getting maintenance fees from rickshaws? Of course not, because for the residents, if a large vehicle crashes or is hit, they have to replace another vehicle. Becak will always win and big vehicles also give in