The difference between automatic motorbikes and teeth
The difference between automatic motorbikes and teeth

The difference between automatic motorbikes and teeth

The difference between automatic motorbikes and teeth

You can find the difference between automatic motorbikes and teeth from their shape and use. Many people don’t know that automatic motorbikes and motorbikes that have teeth are not the same. Even though they both use two wheels and use gasoline, they are still different. Every industry will continue to issue various types of new vehicles.

Both the newfangled matic and those who use teeth. When you look at it in general, you can actually tell from the shape and method of use on the motorbike. In view of the users of two-wheeled vehicles very much. Matic motorbikes are more widely used by motorbike users.

From the shape of the machine

Koflash – Of course, if you ask which one is better, you will definitely be confused about the answer, right? Each motor has its own advantages. In addition to the cool shape of the vehicle, it turns out that there are also disadvantages that every automatic and gear motorbike can get. To see the difference is possible for an ordinary person with just a glance.

But the automakers will certainly know right away. The following differences are found in the motor, namely:

automatic and manual maintenance//select

Motor Matic
Turns on automatically
To turn on the machine no longer need to spend a lot of energy. Only by pressing the starter, the engine on the motorbike is on. To be able to turn it on stably, you have to press the starter while pressing the motorbike brake
Automatic motorbikes are easier to use. Only need to advance the gas can already increase the speed. No need to insert teeth.
Treatment costs are very high. So for those of you who use an automatic motorbike, you have to do regular maintenance on the motorbike engine
Movement no longer needs to use the chain. Only use a belt or CVT from an automatic motorbike
Gasoline or fuel that is used more
Check the condition of the automatic motorbike using the computer system.

Gear motors

To turn on the machine the user must give strength to the legs and body. There are also those who use a starter to turn it on quickly.
To raise the gas must set the gear on the motor. Each gear that is entered will give a different speed.
Maintenance costs for gear motors are lighter than automatic ones
Gear motor movement system using a chain
The fuel used is more economical
Checking the condition of the motor must be manually opened and viewed one by one. Checking should also be more thorough