The fuel used by airplanes
The fuel used by airplanes

The fuel used by airplanes

The fuel used by airplanes

Fuel is the main reason for driving a vehicle. There are many types of fuel available such as gasoline, oil, diesel, and others. But do you know the fuel used by airplanes? The fuel manages to make the plane fly high and take you up into the sky.

The fuel used by aircraft is slightly different from vehicles in general, so to get fuel, the team and officers must fill it fully and know what type of fuel is suitable for flying airplanes.

Here are some types of fuel


One type of mixed fuel with kerosene. The fuel that turns out to be able to help heat up the piston combustion engine. How to get it, of course, you have to look at the oil count first. The octane number counts when getting oil. Types of aircraft that use avgas are private aircraft or small-scale aircraft. Koflash


Those that use Avtur fuel are mostly from aircraft engines that use turbine engines. Aircraft that have additional external space again. Avtur itself has 3 different types of fuel such as:

can help the plane fly high//refillable

Avtur Jet A-1

For commercial aircraft using A-1 jet fuel. The fuel that makes planes carry passengers up to forty thousand feet. Avtur mixture is more than Avgas fuel.

Jet A

The type of fuel used for commercial airplanes. Did you know that the plane used for training uses Jet A fuel? An airplane that turns out to be unable to fly high.


Fuel made from some combination of other fuels. Alternatives that make planes fly. Only for civilian use. It’s just that you can’t just use it. Only being in a cold area can only use jet B fuel. Cannot be used in Indonesia. So that this fuel can be said to be not easy to store. Extra space is needed for jet B aviation fuel storage.