The Right Way to Ride a Bike
The Right Way to Ride a Bike

The Right Way to Ride a Bike

The Right Way to Ride a Bike

Riding a bicycle needs balance. If you are going to ride a bicycle, you better not just ride it. Those of you who are going to ride a bicycle must pay attention to what bicycle you will use.

Bicycles have long been used as the most enjoyable sports equipment for their users. Because by riding a bicycle you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the surrounding scenery. Bicycles are a sport that many people are interested in. Bicycles have become a sport that has become a world-class sport.

The right way to ride a bicycle

Koflash – Pay attention to what bike you have. If you have a gear bike then there is a technique you should do. Because when we use a geared bike on an incline, of course it will be different, so you can’t climb the road. Having a geared bicycle must also pay attention to shifting gears so that the chain does not slip.

Meet the incline

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Because a bicycle uses leg strength and body balance, of course, those of you who use a bicycle must be able to read the distance. If you are going to meet a high incline, from a distance you have to make fast movements when going up the incline.

Body Position

When going to ride a bicycle make sure the body position is good. If the body position you provide is very good then riding a bicycle will be very easy to do. Ride a bike and pay attention to the head, shoulders, and back. Because this section can regulate foot speed and wind.

Bike size

Use the size of the bike according to your body size. If you are still a beginner, it is better to use a bicycle that is easy to put your feet down. If you use a bicycle that is shorter than your body or vice versa, of course, the bicycle will not run optimally. It’s different if you use a bicycle if your position is professional, of course, any bicycle will be very easy to use. Apart from affecting the shape of the posture when riding a bicycle, of course, it will affect the condition of the feet, especially the knees. The part of the knee that bends too much if you do it continuously will be very influential in the future even if you don’t use a bicycle anymore where there is a feeling of aches and pains.