The type of vehicle that still exists today
The type of vehicle that still exists today

The type of vehicle that still exists today

The type of vehicle that still exists today

There are stories and moments to take public transportation. Not a few people ride vehicles because of unique story matters. Not a few people also take public transportation because of economic problems or even because of the distance that will be accelerated. People who take public transportation certainly have various needs so public transportation remains number 1 for any situation.

Which of the following is the public transportation you have used in your life?


Becak at this time may not be a common vehicle for those of you who have such a long distance. But for some people who are close to urban locations, trishaws still become passengers. Because rickshaws are vehicles that not only children can ride, but for the elderly, rickshaws are very interesting to ride. Koflash


In the city or in the district, of course, public transportation is a public vehicle that is often encountered. Some public transportation will continue to operate because public transportation is very helpful for passengers.


Bajai is usually only found in big cities like Jakarta. Climbing the Bajai, of course, you have to choose the right route or pick-up. Even though the bajaj is very suitable for individual passengers, the bajaj is quite vulnerable if the passengers are not careful.


Currently, there are many types of buses such as double-decker buses, tourist buses, or local buses. For those of you who want to return to your hometown or take a trip out of town by bus, of course, it is very suitable for traveling. But not a few people who get on the bus must be careful. Buses are not only public transportation in Indonesia, but buses are also public transportation in other countries. Moreover, in other countries, the bus is the most important form of transportation public transportation.

be a means of transportation//car

If you want to take more elite public transportation, of course, you can take a taxi. Because taking a taxi will make the passengers more comfortable. By taking a taxi, of course, you can bring several people to accompany you or actually travel together. There are several types of taxis, so you have to make sure which taxi you are looking for.