The world's first car
The world's first car

The world’s first car

The world’s first car

The first car in the world turned out to be very diverse in form. Hearing the word car certainly makes you curious. The history of the car was already there in ancient times. A car was made to make it easier for many people. The presence of a car is the first thing that must be owned.

A means of transportation that can make a person comfortable and no longer need to feel the heat or rain. Lots of types of cars are constantly present. Almost the whole world uses cars as an important means of transportation. Seeing the era that continues to move forward, of course, feel happy and proud.

Kind of car

Did you know that cars existed in the past? At the start of the year, new types of cars continued to emerge. Surely you are not curious about this type of car? The following types of cars ever existed in the world, namely: Koflash


A car that first came with a three-wheeled model. The engine they use is still a nine hundred and fifty-four cc cylinder model. The presence of this Mercedes Benz car is also a car that many people like. As time goes on, the car changes style with the latest model. Using more power and running on four wheels.


One of the vehicles was once a pepper and salt grinding machine. Peugeot itself, before becoming a car, was once a two-wheeled vehicle. Seeing the interest continues to change so that a car that uses four wheels is made with the type of engine that is attached to the back of the car.


Cars that use four wheels with a model that does not have a roof cover. Ford cars have experienced several investor shifts. Even so, Ford’s car maker can still stand up and rise to become a cool and great car.


A car that has a very fast speed. In 1899 Renault underwent a change. Speed in walking managed to make many people interested and buy it.

old car type//Renault