Tips for Flying an Airplane
Tips for Flying an Airplane

Tips for Flying an Airplane

Tips for Flying an Airplane

For those of you who want to get on an airplane for the first time, you have to pay attention to these tips first. Those of you who don’t have experience flying in airplanes, don’t make a mistake so you don’t lose airplane tickets.

  1. Airport
    Make sure you know where the airport you will choose is located. For example, in Indonesia there are 2 airports, so you have to choose which airport you use. You have to take into account how many minutes or how long it will take your trip to the airport. Because you missed an airplane, of course, it will not be easy to ask for money change.
pay attention to the routes and paths//sit on the plane


on airplane tickets, there are different paths. Such as the line carrying passengers, carrying goods, or picking up passengers. For example, in Indonesia, there are several terminals that you need to pay attention to. You can see through the purchased ticket from which terminal you will depart later. Koflash

  1. Luggage
    Prepare your luggage. At the airport, there is luggage which will be given an additional fee if you bring a lot of stuff. If you don’t have a lot of stuff, then you can take it and tidy it up sufficiently.
  2. rules
    Follow all the rules of the flight attendants to get on the plane. If the flight attendant teaches you to fasten your seat belt and other things you need to pay attention. Because flying is for beginners, not everyone will care about each other.