Vehicle population in Indonesia
Vehicle population in Indonesia

Vehicle population in Indonesia

Vehicle population in Indonesia

The population of vehicles in Indonesia is quite large. After conducting a review and recording, it turns out that there are almost one hundred and forty-five vehicles in Indonesia that have been circulating. From this number, we can see that many people have private vehicles.

When you hear the vehicles are full and jammed, many people think that this is only in Jakarta. Based on the data that has been collected, Indonesian vehicle users on average have cars, motorbikes, buses, to special vehicles. Since experiencing traffic congestion, many people use motorbikes. A means of transportation that is fast and easy to carry.

Motorcycles and cars

Koflash – Most people use motorbikes as a means of transportation that is fast and can overtake. No wonder there are more motorcycle users than car users. Although motorcycles are the most widely used, cars are no less competitive. Vehicles are also the most coveted by many people.

In addition to being large and fit for many people, the car can also be taken as a means of transportation back and forth safely and there is no need to be afraid of the rain. Some people also use the car as a personal vehicle. To deliver goods in large quantities, of course, you need a large car or large transportation.


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Goods cars are also cars that meet the number of car population quotas. Many large companies will do the delivery of goods a lot. So they need a large vehicle that can store a lot of stuff. The increasing population of cars also occurs in buses.

Buses that operate to take these people are not small. Various regions and islands also have buses that operate to take people. So many buses run in and out of areas around Indonesia. Each region also conducts vehicle data collection.

It’s not just the city of Jakarta that has a full vehicle population. Regional data shows that the full population is in East Java. But most of them are in East Java. The population of vehicles turned out to be very dense and full.