Vehicles that are free to pass odd and even
Vehicles that are free to pass odd and even

Vehicles that are free to pass odd and even

Vehicles that are free to pass odd and even

Since the emergence of odd and even rules, many users have experienced difficulties when traveling. Vehicles that are free to pass odd and even will begin to take effect in 2020. Maybe some residents are disappointed with the regulation. but try to imagine in the future whether it helps or not.

Before odd and even were implemented, Jakarta often experienced traffic jams. This causes many workers to have to leave earlier to avoid traffic jams. Almost all road users who cause traffic jams are car users. So do not be surprised if the road is direct and can not move.


Koflash – Seeing the density of Jakarta, finally, a regulation was made using odd and even. Not all areas of Jakarta are subject to odd and even regulations. Only areas that often experience congestion are applied. For those of you who don’t understand, of course, it will be confusing, isn’t it?

How to know odd and even?

To find out odd and even you can use the date and your car number plate. Every car plate must use odd and even numbers instead. So with this sign, you can know whether your car can pass or not. For example, if today’s date is odd, then odd car numbers may pass. The same goes for even.

find out odd even//transportation type

But did you know that the Jakarta city government also makes exceptions for every vehicle when there is an odd-even operation? Not all vehicles are subject to odd and even rules. There are several types of vehicles that are free in and out such as:
Yellow plate transportation
Vehicles for people with disabilities
Chief leader Ri
Electric motor
The official car that uses a special plate
Introducing country guests and many more types

Of course, with this exception, the officers can be even more selective in odd-even operations. Avoid ticketing and obey the rules.